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As a YakChat customer, you can pre-register your company for A2P-10DLC right now . That way, you'll be first in the queue to be formally registered with the U.S. wireless carriers' registration hub when it opens.

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News Update: A2P-10DLC 

The Campaign Registry’s Brand verification process changed on 29 July, 2021. Read on for the latest information.

A2P 10DLC Pre-Registration

By now, you’ll no doubt be aware that if you send messages within the USA, you’ll soon need to register your company with the U.S. wireless carriers under their new A2P 10DLC regulations. 

The carriers originally set a target date of June 1 for brands to register for A2P-10DLC. But this deadline has now been removed. This means that YakChat’s SMS provider is now working towards a ‘phased onboarding‘ approach. 

But while no definite date for onboarding has yet been set, the good news is that YakChat customers can pre-register for A2P-10DLC. 

And that means you’ll be first in queue to be formally registered with the A2P-10DLC registration hub – The Campaign Registry (TCR) – by our SMS service provider as soon as it opens. 

And why’s that good for you? Because it ensures that you’ll be able to continue to text from your Microsoft Teams platform without interruption.

How do I pre-register for A2P 10DLC?

Simply head to your YakChat account (or click the button below) and follow the instructions on the website

Once you’ve completed your information, we’ll submit it for review to TCR when formal 10DLC registration is available. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this.

Note: Right now, A2P 10DLC pre-registration is for your Company (or Brand) only. You’ll be able to register your Campaigns when you receive your company verification/approval which we will forward to you from the mobile carriers as soon as we receive it. 

Campaign Registry 10DLC Registration Process

NEW: TCR’s Brand Verification Process

Once TCR’s central A2P 10DLC hub opens, we’ll register your company/brand with them. 

TCR will carry out a Brand Identity check to confirm that your company is legitimate. It will also check whether your Brand is a tax-exempt non-profit organization if you have declared it as such.

Once these checks are complete, TCR will assign your Brand with a Verified or Unverified status.*

Being identified as a Verified Brand is now a requirement for messaging on 10DLC

TCR will give Verified status to any Brand whose EIN/Tax-id matches their Legal Company Name and address as submitted through TCR.  

*NB: This new verification status replaces the Trust Score system (0-100) previously used by TCR.  

What if I get an Unverified status?

If your brand is given an Unverified status by TCR (i.e. your EIN/Tax-id does not match with your legal company name), you’ll need to resubmit your Brand for an identity check if you want to continue messaging. TCR informs us that this will incur a $4 fee.

How long will Brand verification take?

Although exact timelines have yet to be confirmed, we anticipate that you will receive your verification status within 1-3 business days.  

Will I be charged for registration?

Unfortunately, the wireless carriers will charge to register with them and to send messages under the new system. However, we are currently working with our service providers to minimize the impact of this cost on our customers.  

We’ll update you on the new pricing as soon as we have official confirmation of this.

Need more A2P 10DLC information?

For general 10DLC information, head to The Campaign Registry. But for more specific information on how A2P 10DLC will affect your YakChat service, check out our A2P 10DLC information page in our Information Hub, or speak to one of our friendly YakChat team members who are ready to help you.

A2P 10DLC Pre-Registration

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