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How to Install YakChat for Skype for Business

It’s quick and easy to install YakChat for Skype for Business. Our handy step-by-step guide shows you how.

Instructions: Install YakChat for Skype for Business

Please Note: You must have administrator permissions on the computer where you want YakChat to be installed.  It is also essential that you unpack the .zip file before installing.

Important: YakChat for Skype for Business is only suitable for Windows operating systems and does not work with MacOS.  Please use YakChat for Microsoft Teams if you are using MacOS.  You can find installation instructions for YakChat for Microsoft Teams here.  

Step 1

In order to download YakChat for Skype for Business, click the Download button below. 

As has been noted, it is important to unpack the .zip file before installing.

Step 2

Windows File Explorer should now open to show the .zip file contents.  

If this doesn’t happen, then simply click on the downloaded file in the bottom left corner of your browser, or go to your file download location using File Explorer.

Now click on the Extract All icon to unpack installation software.

Step 3

Once extracted, double click the YakChat-SkypeForBusiness installation software.

Step 4

Please Note: 

To sign in to the YakChat service, you’ll need: 

1) The Microsoft Office 365 email address you used to register for your YakChat service, and

2) Your Office 365 password.

Step 5

When you connect to a YakChat service for the first time, the YakChat End-User License Agreement appears. Please read and accept the Agreement to continue set-up. To do this:

1) Click the I accept the terms in the License Agreement tick box.

2) Select Next to continue.

Step 6

Now enter the directory where you wish to install the YakChat client, or you can leave this as the default directory.

Then select Next to continue.

Step 7

Click Install to begin the YakChat installation.

Please Note: This requires System Administrator permission.

Step 8

The Chatabox client installation is now complete.

Click the Log-in to YakChat Service tick box to start using YakChat right away.

Select Finish to exit the Setup Wizard.

Step 9

When the YakChat Skype for Business plugin is run for the first time, it will ask for your login details.  Simply enter:

1) The Microsoft 365 email address that you provided when you registered for your YakChat service

2) Your usual Microsoft 365 password to login to the YakChat service.

Step 11

Microsoft will now request permission for the application to access your profile so that you can be logged in.  

Click on the Accept button to continue, 

Step 12

If you have already installed and registered, using the YakChat App, skip to step 15

However, if this the first time you’ve used YakChat, and you’ve not pre-purchased the service, you will now be asked to complete YakChat’s Free Trial Registration page.  

On the first page, simply enter:

1) Your name,

2) Your MicrosoftTeams login email address

3) Your contact number. 

Then click Next.

Step 13

Complete the Company details page, and confirm to which country your texts will be sent. 

Then click Next.

Step 14

Finally, confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions and are happy to receive updates and marketing information from YakChat.

Then click Finish.

Step 15

To confirm that the new YakChat menu options have been added to Skype for Business:

a) Right-click on any contact

b) Scroll down and select the YakChat message menu option.

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