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Duo prompt shows a blank window when signing into YakChat (Windows)


The Duo prompt required to authenticate a user’s login when logging into YakChat can appear blank on some Windows computers. This occurs when using Microsoft Teams Windows application and is likely due to security restrictions not allowing the Java wrapper to show the necessary information.


First, verify that the issue is in fact as described above. The screenshot below is and example of what you may experience.    

Screenshot of Duo blank window

Solution 1

This issue occurs when signing into the YakChat bot for the first time in a Teams Channel when using the Microsoft Teams Windows application.  

The first solution is to use a browser instead of the Microsoft Teams Windows application to install YakChat into the Teams channel and signin for the first time. Go to using Edge or Chrome and sign into Teams and then install and sign in to the YakChat bot.

The bot will now be available in your Microsoft Teams Windows application but should you need to sign in again for any reason, you will need to repate this process.      

Solution 2

Once verified, open Internet Explorer (not Microsoft Edge);

  1. Head to Tools, then Internet Options.
  2. Select the Security tab, then Trusted Sites.
  3. Enter the address “”, and then click Add.
  4. Select the Privacy tab, and enter “”. Then click Allow.
  5. Close the Internet Explorer browser, and test functionality.
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