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How to Connect YakChat to Your Flowroute Numbers


YakChat can connect with your Flowroute telephony service in 5 easy steps:.







Add Messaging Webhooks

Create an API Key and Secret

Enable messaging on your DID’s

Provide API information to YakChat

We’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is setup

After these steps, we’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is set up.

Step 1: Add Messaging Webhooks

To create the Messaging Webhooks so that inbound messages and the status of outbound messages are displayed in YakChat, the following URL needs to be added as the SMS, MMS, SMS DLR and MMS DLR webhook:  

Navigate to the Preferences page in your Flowroute administration portal and select the API Control tab. Ensure that the SMS Webhook Version is set to v2.1 by selecting v2.1 in the pull down displayed in the SMS Webhook Version section of the page.

Flowroute Messaging Webhools Page

Enable SMS and add the above URL and click on the Save URL button.

Flowroute Message Webhooks Screenshot

Repeat for the MMS, SMS DLR and MMS DLR webhooks ensuring that each is saved by clicking on the Save URL button.

Step 2: Create an API Key and Secret

Scroll down to the API Keys section and add a new API Key for the YakChat integration  using the following steps:
Enter the Name and a Description.  We receommend including YakChat in either the name or the description so that the API key can be easily identified in the future. Leave the Expiration date blank and click the Add New button.
Flowroute API Key screenshot

Click on the API Key displayed in the popup window to copy the key and then paste it into a document so that it can be retrieved and sent to YakChat in step 3.

Flowroute API Key Screenshot

Close the popup window and you will see a new API Key has been created.  Highlight the Access Key, right click to copy this key and paste it into a document so that it can also be retrieved and sent to YakChat in step 3.

Step 3: Enable Messaging on your DID’s

Navigate Manager your DIDS page using the DIDS menu on the left hand side.  Select the the DID’s that you want SMS to be enabled on using the tick boxes.

Click on the Choose a DID Action pull down and select Enable Messaging in the Messaging Options section to enable messaging on the select numbers.

Flowroute Enable messaging screenshot

Step 4: Submit your connection details

Enter the following Telnyx connection details in the the form below:

  • Access Key
  • Secret Key
  • A number that has messaging enabled that can be used by YakChat for testing purposes.

Integration Confirmation

Finally, we’ll use the information you provide to connect with your Flowroute service and we’ll test using the Flowroute phone number you provide. 

Once the connection is successful, we’ll create and assign the number to yourYakChat user for you to test.  

Should the integration fail for any reason, we’ll contact you with troubleshooting steps.

Flowroute Integration

Submit your telephone service connection details.

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