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How to connect YakChat to your Bandwidth telephony service


The YakChat service can connect with your bandwidth telephony service in 4 easy steps:.

  1. Enable SMS on you Bandwidth service
  2. Create a user profile to Access to the API
  3. Add SMS and YakChat callback URL to the number(s)
  4. Send API information to YakChat at
  5. We’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is setup

Step 1: Enable SMS on Bandwidth

To connect YakChat to your Bandwidth telephony, first contact Bandwidth to enable the SMS service with https API (v2). 

Go to your Account page and take note of the Account number (not the Global Account Number prefixed with “BW”) and include this in the information sent to us in Step 4.

Screenshot of Bandwidth Portal

Step 2: Create an API User 

After the SMS service with https API (v2) has been enabled, create new Bandwidth User using the Bandwidth Portal, in the usual way in, with permission to only access the API.

Step 3: Add SMS to a Bandwidth Application

To enable the SMS settings to be addedan Application needs to be created in the Bandwidth portal.  This is done by selecting Applications in the top menu bar and then click on Create New and complete the following information:

  • Add the name of your Application in the Application name field
  • Ensure your Application type is Messaging
  • Select the Use multiple callback URLs tick box
  • Enter in the Inbound Callback URL field
  • Enter in the Status Callback URL field

After entering the above information, click on the Create Application button to save the application.

Select the Application and make a note of the the Application ID which will be needed in Step 4

Screenshot of Bandwidth Portal

Now select an existing Location or create a new Location and select the Messaging tab and add the following configuration:

  • SMS  Enabled is turned on
  • Toll Free is turned on (optional)
  • Short Codes is turned on (optional)
  • The correct Geographic reach is selected
  • Select HTTP in for the SMS Protocol
  • V2 Messaging is turned on
  • Select the Application that was created in the previous step from the Applications drop down
  • MMS Enabled is turned on
Screenshot of Bandwidth Portal

Step 4: Add SMS your Numbers 

Assign the numbers that you wish to add SMS to, into the Location created in the previous step

Step 5: Submit your connection details

Send the following Bandwidth connection details to

  • Account number (not the Global Account Number prefixed with “BW”)  (Step 1)
  • User name and password for the user that only has permission to access the API (Step 2)  
  • Application ID (Step 3)
  • Test Bandwidth phone number (Step 4)
  • The YakChat user email (that you would like the test number to be assigned to for you to test the integration) 

Include the Bandwidth password in the same email or, if preferred, text the password to (425) 385-0385. 

Step 6: Integration Confirmation

We will use the information provided to connect with your Bandwidth service and test using the Bandwidth phone number provided.  Once successfully connected, we will create and assign the number to the YakChat user for you to test.  

We will contact you with troubleshooting steps if the integration fails for any reason. 

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