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How to Connect YakChat to Your Inteliquent Telephony Service


YakChat can connect to your Inteliquent telephony service in 4 easy steps:





Enable SMS on your Inteliquent service

Create an Inbound Message Webhook

Add messaging to your numbers

Send the API information to YakChat at

We’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is setup.

Step 1: Enable SMS on Inteliquent

To connect YakChat to your Inteliquent telephony, first contact Inteliquent to enable the SMS service.

Then in the Inteliquent portal, select ADMIN, from the main menu, and MESSAGE-BROKER API KEY from the sub-menu.

On the CUSTOMER MESSAGE BROKER API SETUP page, create a new Outbound API Key by clicking on the GENERATE API KEY button. Make a note of the API key which you’ll need to send to us in Step 4.

Connect YakChat to Inteliquent

Step 2: Create Inbound Message Webhook 

Scroll down the CUSTOMER MESSAGE BROKER API SETUP page to the INBOUND MESSAGE WEBHOOKS section. Enter the following information into the empty fields displayed: 

  • Messaging Webhook URL: ‘’
  • API Key: [API key created in Step 1]
  • Header Name: ‘Authorization’
  • Header Value: ‘Bearer  [API key created in Step 1]
  • TN(s): [Leave blank]

Please refer to the example provided in the screenshot below.

Connect YakChat to Inteliquent

Step 3: Add Messaging to your Numbers 

To add SMS (messaging) to your telephone numbers (TN’s) select TELEPHONE NUMBERS from the main menu, then TN FEATURES from the sub-menu to take you to the Add, Update, Remove Features page.  

Select the method you want to use to provide your list of phone numbers (usually this is Paste Numbers).

Leave the MODIFICATION TYPE as Add or Update Features.

Then enter or paste your numbers into the TELEPHONE NUMBERS box.

Press NEXT.

Screenshot of Inteliquent Portal

In this next page you’ll see a row of tabs. Select the MESSAGING tab. Then enter the following selections:

  • Message Class: ‘A2PLC’ 
  • Message Type: ‘SMSMMS’
  • NetNumber ID: Select your NetNumber ID or leave as default. 

Now click the SELECT ALL button which will select all of the numbers you added in the previous page and click NEXT.

Screenshot of Inteliquent Portal
Screenshot of Inteliquent Portal

Step 4: Submit your connection details

Enter the following Inteliquent connection details in the the form below:

  • API Key (Step 1)
  • Test Inteliquent phone number (TN) Step 3)
  • The YakChat user email  you’d like the test number assigned to for you to test the integration

Integration Confirmation

We’ll use the information you provide to connect with your Inteliquent service. We’ll test using the Inteliquent phone number you provide.  

Once the connection is successful, we’ll create and assign the number to your YakChat user for them to test.  

If the integration fails for any reason, we’ll contact you with troubleshooting steps. 

Inteliquent Integration

Submit your telephone service connection details.

Connect YakChat to Inteliquent

Enable SMS on Inteliquent

Add SMS to a Inteliquent Application

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