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How to Connect YakChat to Your Twilio Numbers


YakChat can connect with your Twilio telephony service in 3 easy steps: These are:




Obtain our Account SID & Auth Token

Configure a phone number for SMS/MMS

Send API information to YakChat at

After these steps, we’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is set up.

Step 1: Account SID & Auth Token

Go to your Twilio Console and either select the primary account or the subaccount that you would like to integrate with YakChat.  Copy the Account SID and Auth Token that is displayed on the home page of the primary account or subaccount and save it so that it can be sent to YakChat in step 3.

Step 2: Select & Configure a Phone Number

Go to Explore Products on the left side menu and select Phone Numbers.  Select Manage > Active numbers sub-menu from the Phone Numbers menu now displayed in the left panel. 

Screenshot of Twilio Console

Now either select or purchase an phone number with SMS and MMS capability.  Go to the Messaging section (at the bottom of the Phone number page) and enter the following URL as the Webhook in the A Message Comes In category.  Ensure the URL is marked as HTTP POST in the pull down field to the right of the URL field.

Screenshot of Twilio Console

Step 3: Submit your connection details

Enter the Twilio connection details into the form below:

  • Account SID & Auth Token (step 1).
  • The number we can use to test the service that is assigned to the Messaging Profile (step 3).
  • The Personal or Shared inbox that you would like to assign the number to after we have confirmed the successful connection.

Integration Confirmation

Finally, we’ll use the information you provide to connect with your Twilio service and we’ll test using the Twilio phone number you provide. 

Once the connection is successful, we’ll create and assign the number to your YakChat user for you to test.  

Should the integration fail for any reason, we’ll contact you with troubleshooting steps.

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