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How to Install YakChat 2.0 into Microsoft Teams – UK

It’s quick and easy to install YakChat for Microsoft Teams. Our handy step-by-step guide shows you how.

NOTE:  This is for the pre-release YakChat service located in the United Kingdom which is currently being evaluated. 

Installation Instructions

Important: The .zip file must be uploaded into Microsoft Teams intact. Do not extract any files contained in the .zip file or the installation process will fail, even if the files are re-compressed into a new .zip file.
Safari browsers are often set to automatically extract .zip files. This setting must be disabled. You can find Instructions on how to do that here

Step 1: Download YakChat

Firstly, download YakChat App for Microsoft Teams into your default download folder, using the download button.

As has been noted, you must ensure the .zip file is not unpacked. The whole .zip file must be uploaded into Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 2: Go to the Apps Menu in Microsoft Teams

Now open Microsoft Teams. Then click on the Apps icon from the toolbar on the left.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Click on Manage your apps at the bottom of the Store menu in Microsoft Teams and then click on Upload a customised app.

Click on Upload a Custom App. You can find it at the bottom of the Store menu in Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot of Teams Customized app upload

If the Upload a customised app option is not displayed, then click on Submit and app to your org and after adding the app, contact your Microsoft Teams administrator to approve the app using the Teams Administration Portal. Once approved, you will need to sign out and back in to Teams and go to Step 3.

Select file in your browser’s default download folder.

Then click Open.

Screenshot installing YakChat

The Microsoft Teams Manifest window will be displayed.

Now click the Add button to add the YakChat app into Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 3: Sign in using Microsoft Credentials

Microsoft Teams will provide a notification window requesting additional permissions.

Click Continue.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Microsoft’s authentication window will now be displayed.

Simply sign-in with your Microsoft Teams email and password. You will also use these to login to YakChat.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 4: Provide Microsoft Admin Consent

Microsoft’s permission window will be displayed  requesting your consent to access the YakChat App.

Click Accept to continue.

Screenshot installing YakChat

To connect your Microsoft 365 tenant with YakChat requires permission from your Microsoft Teams or Azure administrator.

If you are an administrator then you can approve  yourself by clicking on the Accept button.

To approve for another user tick the option: Consent on behalf of your organization. Then skip to Step 6.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 5: Provide Microsoft Admin Consent

If you are not the Microsoft Teams or Azure administrator, you will now be presented with a similar Microsoft permission request window but without the Consent on behalf of your organization option.

Click on the Accept button for a link that your administrator can use to provide admin approval.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 6: Sign into the YakChat Messaging App

If you are the Microsoft administrator and registered with YakChat the YakChat app will now be displayed.

If you are not the Microsoft administrator you will need to refresh the app and click Sign in.

You may need to logout and back into Teams if this fails.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 7: Sign in for Teams Notifications

Just a few more steps to enable YakChat to provide you with new message notifications.

Click on the Chat tab, then click on the Type your questions here text box and type “Signin” or use the What I can do? menu.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Another Microsoft’s authentication window will be displayed.

with your Microsoft Teams Account email and password.

Screenshot installing YakChat

Step 8: Sign in Expired

The ‘bot’ sign in adaptive cards expire after about 10 minutes. which will result in the message The sign in code was was not found or expired message box.

If this message is displayed, type “signout” into the Type your questions here text box or select from the What I can do? menu and repeat step 7.

You're in!

The “You have successfully signed in” message will be displayed so that you will now receive notifications in Teams when a new text message is received.

Click on the YakChat Tab and send your first message.

Next Step

Click on the Next button below to learn how to send your first message.

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