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How to Re-Install YakChat 2.0 into Microsoft Teams Channel

It’s quick and easy to re-install YakChat for Microsoft Teams. channel Our handy step-by-step guide shows you how.

Re-Installation Instructions

Step 1: Uninstall YakChat from Teams channel

To uninstall YakChat hover over the YakChat tab in the Teams channel and then select ‘Uninstall’ from the drop down menu.

Unistall YakChat from a Teams channel-3

Complete the uninstallation, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button in the pop-up window that is displayed.

Unistall YakChat from a Teams channel-1

Step 2: Re-Install YakChat into Teams Channel

Re-installing YakChat into the Teams channel is the same as the original installation process.  Click here or use the button below for instructions on how to install YakChat into a Teams channel.

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