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How to sign in and sign out of YakBot

Sign in to YakBot to receive notifications and reply to new messages.  Sign out to turn notifications off.

Instructions: YakBot Sign in and Sign out

Signing in

Sign in

Click on the Sign-In button. Then use your Microsoft 365 account to sign in.

Screenshot of Installing YakChat Teams Bot


You will now see Microsoft’s authentication window.

Simply use your Microsoft Teams email and password to sign in. You will also use these to login to YakChat.

Screenshot of Installing YakChat Teams Bot


YakBot will now ask you to type a message in the Type your questions here box in Microsoft Teams. This is just to confirm that everything is connected.

How to sign in to YakBot

Signing out

Sign out

Simply type “logout” or “Sign out” in the Type your questions here box in Teams.

The message confirmation “You have been signed out” will then be displayed when you have successfully signed out.

How to sign out of YakBot

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