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Power Automate Templates

YakChat Power Automate templates are pre-created flows to make it easy for you to automate your SMS processes in minutes. Explore our available templates below.

Note: The Templates we offer will shortly be available for download and integration direct from Microsoft’s Power Automate Templates gallery, once Microsoft’s approval process is complete. But you can download and install these templates  into Power Automate right now, using the exported files we’ve provided for each template below.

Custom Archiving

Use this template to archive your inbound texts into a Microsoft Dataverse table. Perfect for meeting your compliance and regulatory needs effortlessly.

Out of Office Message

This template hooks into your O365 automated responses, and sends a message to anyone who texts you when you’re out of the office.

Auto-Message a SharePoint Group

Deliver messages to a list of contacts defined in SharePoint and eliminate the need to send messages  to each contact individually via YakChat.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Schedule your text messages to ensure you never forget to send one again. And so no one in your team forgets a meeting, auto-send your meeting reminders.


Sentiment Analysis

Have all your inbound texts analyzed to interpret how satisfied your clients are with your company and staff. This template uses sentiment analysis to detect positive, negative, or neutral sentiment in every inbound text message you receive. That way you can learn rapidly what makes your customers happy.

How to Install YakChat Power Automate Templates

To install YakChat Power Automate Templates into Power Automate prior to Microsoft Approval, simply follow the instructions below:

  1.   Select the Download Template button for the template you’d like to install.
  2.   Navigate to your Power Automate account.
  3.   Select My Flows on the left-hand side of the screen.
  4.   At the top of the screen, select Import.
  5.  On the pop-up screen any field that shows a ‘Select upon Import’ button must be selected so you can choose  your Microsoft 365 account. . 
  6.   Select save, 
  7. Now edit the template so that all Power Automate cards show your Microsoft 365 account and your preferred YakChat inbox. Also make sure that the cards are connected to the correct data-tables (if required). 

The template is now ready for testing. We recommend that you test the flow before use.

For the Sentiment Analysis and Custom Archiving templates, you’ll need to create a Microsoft Dataverse table with the correct columns. The correct columns for each flow is below:

Custom Archiving:

  • Message
  • Direction
  • Time
  • To: Number
  • From: Number

Sentiment Analysis:

  • Message
  • Created on
  • Sentiment

For any additional help with this, or Power Automate in general check out our tutorial below:

How to get Started with Power Automate

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