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Re-authentication of YakChat Bot

When Microsoft security updates are made to the YakChat Bot, it may result in the user needing to re-authenticate their credentials or potentially re-install the bot when it is used in a Teams channel.  More information is provided below:

Personal bot (Chat)

Where the bot is used in the Teams Chat to provide notifications for Personal inboxes (where each user has their own inbox and number) you may be asked to re-sign into the bot. Just type ‘signin’, click on the sign-in button in the adaptive card provided and then enter your Microsoft credentials.

If for some reason the bot is not providing notifications then you will need to sign out and sign back into the bot by typing ‘Signin’ and click send then type ‘signin’ and click send.  The bot should then be reset and will start providing notifications.  If you are still having issues then please contact us on

Shared bot (Installed into a Teams Channel)

When the bot is installed into a Teams channel for Shared and MFA inboxes you may be asked to sign in to the bot to re-authenticate.  To do this type @yakchat, click on the bot that is listed and then type ‘signin’. 

If the message “Unable to authenticate. Please try again” when a new text message is received, this means there is another user that previously signed into the bot has not re-authenticated.  If this occurs then all the users can re-authenticate in the same way or it is sometimes easier to uninstall and re-install the YakChat to reset the signed in users so that you can signin on behalf of the shared inbox again using the instructions provided below:

Step 1: Uninstall YakChat from Teams channel

To uninstall YakChat hover over the YakChat tab in the Teams channel and then select ‘Uninstall’ from the drop down menu.

Unistall YakChat from a Teams channel-3

Complete the uninstallation, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button in the pop-up window that is displayed.

Unistall YakChat from a Teams channel-1
Step 2: Re-Install YakChat into Teams Channel

Re-installing YakChat into the Teams channel is the same as the original installation process.  Click here or use the button below for instructions on how to install YakChat into a Teams channel.

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