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How to Connect YakChat to Your Telnyx Numbers


YakChat can connect with your Telnyx telephony service in 4 easy steps: These are:





Create an API Key

Add Messaging Profile

Assign the Messaging Profile to an SMS/MMS-enabled number

Send API information to YakChat at

After these steps, we’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is set up.

Step 1: Create and API Key

Create an API Key by going to the Telnyx portal and selecting the API Keys option from the left side menu. We recommend creating an API Key specifically for the YakChat integration, although an existing key can be used if required.

Next, click the Create API Key button. Once saved, click the Copy icon beside the API key. Then save it so that it can be sent to YakChat in step 4.

Connect YakChat to Telnyx

Step 2: Add a Messaging Profile

Select Messaging from the left side menu in the Telnyx portal.

Now click the Add new profile button.

Connect YakChat to Telnyx

Enter a profile name.

Then select the API V2 option and  enter the following URL into the Send a webhook to this URL field.

Next, click Save.

Screenshot of Telnyx Portal

Step 3: Assign Messaging Profile to Number(s)

Select Numbers from the menu on the left-hand side of the Telnyx portal.This will display your existing numbers. 

The Messaging Profile you created in step 2 can be assigned to any SMS/MMS capable number(s).

Screenshot of Telnyx Portal

If the Messaging Profile is not available on any of the numbers listed, click Search & Buy Numbers in the top menu bar. Then search for available numbers with the SMS and MMS feature by adding SMS and MMS to the Number Features drop down. 

Select and purchase a number with the SMS and MMS feature and add the Messaging Profile as described above. 

Screenshot of Telnyx Portal

Step 4: Submit your connection details

Enter the following Telnyx connection details in the the form below:

  • Telnyx API Key (step 1)
  • The number we can use to test the service that is assigned to the Messaging Profile (step 3).

Integration Confirmation

Finally, we’ll use the information you provide to connect with your Telnyx service and we’ll test using the Telnyx phone number you provide. 

Once the connection is successful, we’ll create and assign the number to yourYakChat user for you to test.  

Should the integration fail for any reason, we’ll contact you with troubleshooting steps.

Telnyx Integration

Submit your telephone service connection details.

Connect YakChat to Telnyx numbers. 

Connect YakChat to Telnyx numbers. It’s easy to connect YakChat to your Telnyx telephony service. That way you can add SMS in just 4 easy steps.

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