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How to Get New Text Message Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Our YakBot will ensure you never miss a text message again. It will send you new text message notifications wherever you’re working in Microsoft Teams, and lets you reply to them instantly.

Instructions: Get New Text Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Sign in to YakBot

New text message notifications are provided by our bot, YakBot.

Because of this, you must sign into YakBot in order to receive these notifications.

Your notifications will be displayed in the Conversation tab of Microsoft Teams. 

Get new text notifications in Microsoft Teams

New Text Message Notifications

It is important to ensure that you have enabled Microsoft Teams notification.

This is because it allows YakBot to display new message pop-ups.

View Your New Message

In order to view your new message, simply click on the pop-up, or on the Microsoft Teams Chat icon.

get new message notifications in Microsoft Teams

Reply to a Text

Firstly, click the Reply button in the new message adaptive card. Then type your reply. 

Next, press OK to send your message.

Your Sent Text

Your sent text message will now be displayed as a new chat bubble in Microsoft Teams.

Screenshot of YakChat Bot in Microsoft Teamsof YakChat App in Microsoft Teams

We hope that our guide, How to Get New Text Message Notifications in Microsoft Teams has been useful. But if you need more information, just let us know. We’re always here to help.

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