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How to connect YakChat to your numbers


The YakChat service can connect with your telephony service in 4 easy steps:.

  1. Enable the API
  2. Add SMS and YakChat callback URL to the number(s)
  3. Send API information to YakChat at
  4. We’ll then test the connection for you and confirm when everything is setup

Step 1: Enable the API

Your API is enabled using your portal by clicking on Main Menu and then select the SOAP and REST/JSON API menu option.

Screenshot of portal

On the API Configuration page add your API password, making a note of the password, and then click on the Save API Password button

Click on the Enable/Disable API button and ensure it shows “Enabled” and then add the following IP Addresses by coping and pasting into the Enable IP Addresses box:, and then click Save IP Addresses button.

Screenshot of portal

Step 2: Enable SMS on your Number(s)

To add SMS to on or more numbers, click on DID Numbers (in the main menu bar) and then select the Manage DID(s) menu option.

Screenshot of portal

Scroll down or search for the number and select the edit icon (the orange square with a pencil) beside the DID number that you wish to enable YakChat SMS.

Scroll to the bottom of the Edit DID Settings page and add the following settings:
Screenshot of portal
Screenshot of portal

Step 3: Submit your connection details

Send the following connection details to
  • Portal User ID
  • API Password (step 1)
  • A number has been configured so that we can use to test the service is working correctly (step 2)
Include the API Password (please do not send your Portal password) in the same email or, if preferred, text the password to (425) 385-0385. 

Step 4: Integration Confirmation

We will use the information provided to connect with your service and test using the phone number provided.  Once successfully connected, we will create and assign the number to the YakChat user for you to test.  

We will contact you with troubleshooting steps if the integration fails for any reason. 

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