As a phone service provider or reseller, is it better to build your own messaging app or capitalize on a proven, customizable solution from a messaging integration expert? Dive into our expert guide on Messaging Integration Strategy to navigate the options.

Build or Buy: Evaluating Your Messaging Integration Strategy

Messaging integration strategy for phone providers

To Build or to Buy? That is the question!

The integration of messaging services within UC platforms like Microsoft Teams and Webex is no longer optional; it’s a vital necessity for modern enterprises. As a phone service provider or reseller, you're faced with a pivotal decision: should you invest resources in developing your own messaging application, or capitalize on a proven solution from a messaging integration specialist, which can often be customized and branded as your own?

To guide you through this critical decision-making process, we've compiled a detailed analysis of the essential factors to consider when weighing the options between building and buying.

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Opting to develop your own messaging system is the tech equivalent of trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle that constantly changes its pieces...


Building: When you opt to build your own messaging solution, you’re embarking on a journey to craft a robust architecture that guarantees resiliency and redundancy. This entails making critical decisions, such as opting for Platform as a Service (PaaS) or developing your own infrastructure. You’ll need to set up secure storage for messages and files, create backup and data retention plans, and make sure the system can handle peak loads while maintaining optimal performance.

Buying: With a solution from a messaging integration expert, the architecture is already established and thoroughly tested. These solutions ensure secure storage for messages and files, efficient data backup, and compliance with stringent data retention policies. By choosing an expert solution, you tap into a resilient infrastructure engineered for high availability and uninterrupted operation.


Building: Developing a messaging application requires deep expertise in text messaging protocols, strict adherence to industry standards, and seamless integration with UC platforms. It's essential to evaluate whether your team has the requisite skills or if additional training or the expertise of a specialist is needed to achieve success.

Buying: Partnering with a messaging integration expert guarantees access to extensive knowledge in text messaging and compliance, ensuring full adherence to regulatory standards. Their platforms seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and other major platforms, supported by specialized expertise in the field

Development skills

Building: Assess if your team has the essential development skills needed, including proficiency in relevant programming languages and tools crucial for both front-end and back-end development. It’s also vital to consider the availability and capacity of your developers to ensure they can handle the project workload. If your team lacks these competencies, you may need to hire contractors or consider outsourcing development. However, be cautious of the risks involved: Contractors may leave, taking critical knowledge of your service with them, and outsourcing could lead to relinquishing control over proprietary application insights.

Buying: Opting for an expert solution eliminates the need for in-house development. These solutions are ready to deploy, significantly reducing the time and resources needed to get your messaging service up and running.


Building: It's crucial to invest in automated testing frameworks during the initial development phase to guarantee high quality and minimize long-term expenses. While manual testing is an option, it becomes increasingly costly due to the repetitive nature of regression testing over time.

Buying: Solutions offered by messaging integration experts are meticulously tested and validated. These platforms undergo continuous automated testing to ensure unwavering reliability, sparing you from the substantial upfront investment in testing infrastructure.

Customers will always demand more: More features, more improvements, more performance—because 'enough' is just a placeholder in the tech world.


Building: Security is paramount, requiring a holistic approach encompassing both code and infrastructure. This involves adopting rigorous secure coding practices, robust encryption methods, and conducting regular security audits. Continuous vigilance is essential to fortify the service against evolving threats.

Buying: Expert solutions prioritize security, integrating best practices and regular updates to protect your data. By choosing a pre-built solution, you benefit from a platform that undergoes constant monitoring and enhancements to bolster its security defenses.

Documentation and Support

Building: Developing thorough technical and end-user documentation is pivotal for ensuring seamless maintenance and support. Comprehensive documentation enables effective management of the system and empowers users to maximize its capabilities to the fullest.

Buying: Solutions from messaging integration experts come with comprehensive documentation and support services, ensuring smooth implementation and user adoption. Moreover, their dedicated teams stand ready to assist with any technical challenges, offering reassurance and peace of mind throughout the process.

Release Process and Maintenance

Building: Establishing a release process and overseeing ongoing maintenance demands a dedicated team. Software evolves continuously, necessitating refactoring and potentially rewriting portions of the code every few years. Alongside this, you'll need to promptly address technical issues and bugs as they surface. Sustaining this level of maintenance demands dedicated resources and ongoing, substantial investment.

Buying: Expert solutions handle every aspect of maintenance, from routine updates and bug fixes to enhancing features and refining code. This comprehensive approach frees you to focus on core business activities while ensuring your messaging service steadily advances and improves.

New Feature Development

Building: It’s impractical to include every desired feature in the initial release.And customers will always demand more: more features, improvements, faster performance, and greater reliability. Developing these new features in-house requires a significant investment of both time and resources.

Buying: Messaging integration experts continuously enrich their platforms with new features and enhancements, driven by customer feedback and industry trends. This allows you to meet evolving customer demands efficiently without the burden of extensive in-house development.

Messaging experts tirelessly refine their solutions, leveraging customer insights and industry trends, liberating business from the burden of in-house development.

Time to Market

Building: There is an urgent demand for SMS messaging in the United States and Canada, as well as for WhatsApp in Europe and other parts of the world. Developing a custom solution would significantly delay your time to market, potentially resulting in lost market share and revenue.

Buying: Ready-made solutions allow for rapid deployment, enabling you to swiftly meet market demands and seize immediate opportunities, maximizing your market presence and revenue potential.


Building: Beyond meeting customer demands, you'll face fierce competition from other phone service providers and resellers that have already partnered with a messaging integration expert. Staying competitive demands a continuous investment in innovation and development.

Buying: Using a solution from a messaging integration expert means benefiting from their ongoing efforts to outpace the competition. This allows you to offer a cutting-edge service without the burden of extensive in-house development.

Cost Considerations

Building: The initial build cost of a custom messaging application can be sizable. Development expenses (especially for a robust and secure application), platform and infrastructure setup, security measures, ongoing maintenance, and technical support all contribute to quickly escalating cumulative costs.

Buying: Opting for an expert solution offers a cost-effective alternative with predictable monthly pay-as-you-use pricing and no upfront investment. These platforms spare you from hefty initial investments and reduce ongoing expenses, offering a clear and manageable cost structure that allows you to allocate resources more efficiently.

Messaging Integration Strategy: Conclusion

As a phone service provider, the surge in demand for integrating text messaging into Unified Communications (UC) platforms brings an exciting opportunity. Whether you're navigating decisions on architecture, maintenance, new features, competition, time to market, or cost, the choice between building or buying a messaging solution demands careful consideration.

Opting to partner with a messaging integration expert opens the door to a robust, secure, and seamlessly integrated messaging service. This strategic move eliminates the complexities and risks associated with developing your own solution, freeing you to focus on expanding your business and delivering unparalleled value to your customers.

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Messaging Integration Strategy: Quick Summary

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Building: Crafting custom architecture involves crucial decisions on infrastructure, secure storage, and managing peak loads.

Buying: Enjoy established, thoroughly tested architecture with secure storage, efficient backups, and high availability.


Building: Demands deep expertise in messaging protocols and UC platform integration.

Buying: Guarantees expert knowledge and full compliance with regulatory standards.

Development Skills:

Building: Requires proficient developers; outsourcing can risk losing control and knowledge.

Buying: Eliminates the need for in-house development, reducing time and resource requirements.


Building: Significant investment in automated testing is essential to ensure quality and reduce long-term costs.

Buying: Pre-built solutions are rigorously tested continuously, ensuring reliability without upfront testing investments.


Building: Requires rigorous, secure coding practices, robust encryption, and regular audits.

Buying: Pre-built solutions integrate best practices and undergo constant monitoring and enhancements to bolster security.

Documentation and Support:

Building: Necessitates comprehensive technical and user documentation for smooth operation.

Buying: Comes with thorough documentation and support services for seamless implementation.

Release Process and Maintenance:

Building: Needs a dedicated team for ongoing updates and issue resolution.

Buying: Expert solutions handle all maintenance, updates, and improvements.

New Features:

New Feature Development:

Building: Significant investment needed for continuous development of new features.

Buying: Solutions are regularly enhanced based on customer feedback and industry trends.

Time to Market:

Building: Custom development takes time, delaying market entry and risking lost market share.

Buying: Ready-made solutions enable rapid deployment and swift market entry.


Building: Continuous innovation is critical to stay competitive.

Buying: Allows you to offer cutting-edge services without the burden of extensive in-house development.

Cost Considerations:

Building: High initial and ongoing costs for development, platform setup, security, maintenance, and support will quickly escalate.

Buying: Enjoy predictable monthly costs and no hefty initial investment, reducing ongoing expenses and simplifying budget management.

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