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Choose your SMS Price Plans for Microsoft 365 USA. SMS Price Plans for Microsoft 365 USA.



A dedicated virtual number for a single user to send/receive SMS texts from Office 365
$ 5 per month
  • Annual Term
  • 1 User
  • 1 Number
  • 100 Free Texts/Month*


Your team of up to 10 users can share a virtual number to
SMS text from Office 365
$ 20 per month
  • Annual Term
  • 10 Users
  • 1 Number
  • 500 Free Texts/Month*


Receive MFA / 2FA codes directly in your Microsoft Teams Channel
$ 39
per month
  • Receive MFA/OTP Codes
  • Unlimited Users*
  • 1 Number
  • Unlimited Texts**

Additional number options

SMS Office #

SMS-enable your existing telephone number (excl. Microsoft Numbers)

SMS Teams #

Calls and SMS all on one
unified Microsoft Teams #

More information

Shared Plan

What you get:
  • 2-way SMS for your Microsoft Teams platform.
  • The ability to send/receive SMS from your Microsoft Teams Channel.
  • The ability to send/receive SMS from Microsoft Teams Chat.
  • A shared SMS number for 10 users, so your team can send/receive texts using the same number.
  • An easy-to-use Admin Console for simple, centralized user set-up and management.
  • New message notifications in MS Teams Chat and your private Teams Channel, so you never miss a conversation.
  • Fast support by phone, email, and online.
  • 500 FREE texts per month.

*  Want to call & text on the same number? See our other number options below.


Send & receive SMS text messages from Microsoft Teams. Text your contacts in Outlook, Active Directory, SharePoint, or those you’ve stored in YakChat. Then simply manage all your conversations in just one place: Microsoft Teams.

Our text messaging bot adds SMS to Microsoft Teams Chat and to your Teams Channel.* Get notified of new messages, and send and receive texts as easily as you chat with your colleagues. 

*A Shared Plan is required for bot to be added to a Teams Channel. 

Send and receive SMS text messages from Microsoft Skype for Business. Connect instantly with your contacts on their regular cell phones

Choose a virtual number in your area code* and keep your personal mobile number private. Or SMS-enable your landline number with one of our number options.

*Subject to availability

Choose a virtual number in your area code* and keep your personal mobile number private. Or SMS Enable your landline number with one of our number options.

*Subject to availability

You can change the standard announcement or record your own so that anyone cal ling your virtual number.  Check our other number options for SMS enabling your phone numbers.

Send and receive images, using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).*

* Currently US & Canada numbers only, with more countries coming soon.

Whether you’re working in MS Teams, your Windows desktop, or on your mobile device, you’ll always be notified of new SMS text messages.

Our native integration with Office 365 means that you can text your Microsoft/Office 365 contacts in Outlook, Active Directory or even SharePoint contact lists.

With YakChat, you can send texts to multiple contacts simultaneously. Simply add each of the contacts, compose the SMS and send. Each recipient will see only your number (no one else’s) and any reply will come back just to you.

Text everyone in your Team channel, Office 365 Group, or YakChat Contact List. Each recipient will see only your number (no one else’s) and any reply will come back just to you.

Send and receive text messages on your iOS and Android mobile device, using the same number you text with on your Office 365 desktop.

Not multilingual, but need to send and receive SMS messages in different languages? No problem. YakChat Translator automatically translates text from one language to another. Translating in real-time, YakChat Translator works across more than 60 languages, so you need never be hindered by the language barrier again.

With your messages and data protected by Microsoft authentication and Microsoft Azure multi-tenant security, you’ll be compliant with IT security policies, and you won’t need additional user access maintenance.

Transcripts of your messages can be downloaded or sent by email. This means you can archive them in your conversation history folder to ensure legal compliance

Number options

SMS Virtual #

This service includes a personal virtual SMS number. So no matter who you text – or who texts you, your personal phone number will always stay private.  

Select your Area code

We include a personal virtual number with your choice of area code*. Let us know your preferred area code for each user or shared plan, and we’ll do the restClick the button below to check available numbers.

* US & Canada only and subject to availability

SMS Office #

Use your existing office phone line* (landline or VOIP) to send and receive SMS. That way, your recipients can recognize your number and call you back.  

*Excludes Microsoft Calling Plan Numbers.

Add your Business #

Want to use your familiar office number(s) instead of a virtual number? No problem. All we need from you is a letter of authorization for us to add SMS to your usual number. Nothing is required from your existing phone-line provider. 


SMS Teams #     

Combine your calls and SMS into one, competitively priced plan, using our Direct Routing partners.

Then simply call and text from the same Microsoft number.

One # for Calls & SMS

We’ve teamed up with Direct Routing partners to provide you with the most cost-effective Microsoft Teams SMS/Call solution.   More.

Frequently asked questions

How do free texts work?

Text credits for each plan are calculated by multiplying the number of free texts included in the plan by the standard text rate.

Each user’s free credit sum is added to the subscription as a whole and is refreshed on the 1st day of each month. The free credit balance is refreshed, not accumulated, each month.

What if I need to send more texts​?

It’s easy to add text credits to your subscription, using one of our text credit top-up bundles. When you’ve used all your free texts for the month, simply continue texting, using your top-up credit balance.

When no credit remains, subscription users will not be able to send or receive texts.

Can I get a number with my area code?

Yes. In the USA and Canada, we can provide you with your own personal number in your chosen area code (subject to availability). Contact us or chat online to check area code availability.

What if I use all my free texts?

If you need more texts than are provided within your plan you can purchase additional texts here in bundles of $10, $20, or $50.

Can I send texts to other countries?

Yes. You can send texts to any international number that is supported by YakChat. Contact us or chat online for more information.

Is it possible to send pictures in a text?

Absolutely. In the USA and Canada, you can include pictures in the texts you send and receive, using MMS. Unfortunately, MMS is not supported in the UK or Australia just yet.

Can I send texts to any mobile phone?

Yes. You can send texts to any mobile/cellular phone and some landlines. And your contacts won’t have to download any software to receive your texts.

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SMS Price Plans for Microsoft 365 USA.

The YakChat team has over 20 years’ experience in the communications industry. This makes us highly skilled at what we do. Enhancing and extending the communication and collaboration power of Microsoft Teams with interactive SMS, we’re proud to unleash maximum value for our partners and customers alike.Choose your SMS Price Plans for Microsoft 365 USA