7 Powerful Statistics that Prove the Value of SMS in Healthcare

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SMS Healthcare Statistics

A global survey* has revealed 7 powerful SMS in healthcare statistics that prove the value of texting  by healthcare providers.

The study was conducted by FICO, a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company. They examined consumer preferences and tendencies in regard to mobile, online, and in-person interactions with healthcare providers. 

The survey sought to discover if there was a real opportunity for the healthcare industry to reach out to consumers via mobile:

Here’s what the survey found:



 80% of people want the option to use their smartphones to interact with their healthcare providers.



 76% of people worldwide want to be reminded of their medical appointments.



 69% of people want to receive reminders to arrange medical appointments, or to receive prompts to take their medication.



 56% of people globally trust healthcare organizations with personal data.



 66% of smartphone users want to receive medical advice through digital channels instead of visiting a doctor.



 71% of smartphone users are open to offers of relevant healthcare services from businesses.



 53% of people are open to provider-initiated communications.

Just as more and more people want to interact with businesses directly by SMS, so these findings confirm that people also want to connect with their healthcare providers by text. Even more noteworthy, they trust their healthcare providers with their personal information.

And that’s a really good thing. Because right now, SMS represents the fastest and most cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to transform their businesses. 

So for just pennies, SMS has the unrivaled ability to positively impact patient health outcomes, the quality of patient care, and organizational productivity.

‘Which is great!’ I hear you cry, ‘But isn’t it true that US and European laws prevent me from texting my patients?’ No. Not at all.

Under HIPAA and GDPR regulations, healthcare organizations can communicate with their patients directly by text. In fact, they encourage them to do so. But they must text with care. So to find out how to keep on the right side of the regulators, and how to use 2-way SMS text to maximum advantage, make sure you grab a copy of our FREE eBook SMS in Healthcare

*  FICO surveyed 2,239 adult smartphone users in the UK, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and the United States.

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