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You provide exceptional telephony services.

We deliver a state-of-the-art, integrated messaging app.

Together, we're unbeatable!

YakChat: Your ultimate integrated messaging solution

Meet your clients' demand for Text Messaging

Boasting an astonishing 98% open rate that's 5x higher than email, SMS stands as the unrivalled champion among engagement channels. This makes it more than just a nice-to-have tool for business; it's an imperative! Recognizing its value, many are turning to the YakChat Service Provider Partner Program to maximize their customer engagement effectively.

Our super-simple, super-smart SMS application connects seamlessly with your telephony service. Then you can extend advanced text messaging capabilities to popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Webex, and other essential business applications. The result? You’ll effortlessly meet your clients' demand for text messaging while leveraging a wealth of benefits for your business.

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Grab an unfair advantage

Drive revenue growth and outshine your competitors

Drive revenue growth and secure a commanding industry position by adding our cutting-edge SMS application to your telephony services. Delivering unparalleled integration with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Webex, YakChat provides flawless performance across all devices.

With minimal effort, you can position your solution ahead of other Microsoft Teams and Webex voice providers and outperform alternative unified communication products.

Zero setup cost

YakChat's existing integration with top-tier telephony and CPaaS services allows us to provide you with a lightning-fast, cost-free setup. Alternatively, we offer seamless integration with your preferred provider at an unbeatable price.

Effortless integration

Your first customer can be up-and-running in a matter of hours, empowering you to deliver a market-leading SMS application instantly. This translates to immediate value for both your new and existing customers and rapid gains for your business!

Constant innovation

We're passionate about giving you and your clients the most integrated, user-friendly text messaging application available. Trust us to continuously innovate and introduce cutting-edge features, leaving you to focus on growing your telephony services.

Our tech: Your brand

Make a lasting impression with your brand

Rebrand any of our applications with your product name, logo, and color scheme. Our dedicated design team will work with you to implement your branding across the Microsoft Teams and Webex applications, the administration portal, and the browser extension. We can also provide customization for our mobile app to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

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    Your brand - our tech. White-label our app and own the conversation

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    Manage all your clients in just one place

    Simplify configuration management for your entire customer base with our intuitive admin portal. You can easily set up phone numbers, users, inboxes, compliance, and integrations for each customer, all in one convenient location.

    Adding text to your telephony service is simple with YakChat

    SMS made simple with YakChat

    User-friendly for both you and your clients

    YakChat is all about simplicity. It's designed for immediate use, without the need for complex training, for you or your clients. This lets you kickstart your YakChat sales immediately and allows clients to tap into its full potential from day one.

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    Free partner licenses

    As a YakChat Service Provider partner, you’ll immediately access a host of benefits, including unlimited user licenses. This offers you the freedom to deploy them as and when needed. Whether for demos, customer service, or secure 2-factor authentication, you can tailor your usage to perfectly suit your operational requirements.

    Sales and technical support

    From on-boarding to customer support, we're with you every step of the way. After your initial training in sales and support, we can assist you with pre-sales engagements, demos, and customer deployments. We can also provide support with any technical issues that may arise.

    Prioritized feature requests

    Our success is driven by the invaluable feedback we receive from our customers and partners. As a top-tier YakChat partner, your feature requests are prioritized. This ensures that our text messaging service continually aids you in fulfilling both your go-to-market strategy and short-term customer needs

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    A partnership that empowers

    Partner-focused 100%

    At YakChat, our commitment to our partners is more than just words; it's our core ethos. Your insights and feedback shape our product's evolution. We prioritize open communication to nurture a balanced partnership where you consistently feel engaged, valued, and, importantly, in control.

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