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Harness the power of SMS automation

From auto-responses and reminders to custom integrations and texting from Outlook, you can automate all your SMS tasks across multiple business applications and services with the YakChat Connector for Power Automate.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Unlock speed and unleash new levels of productivity with the YakChat Microsoft Power Automate Connector. Create automated, multi-step workflows that include two-way SMS and eliminate manual, repetitive processes.

No-code automation for speed and flexibility

At the tap of a button, everyone, including non-technical users, can build automated processes that include SMS. Simply use the drag-and-drop tools, ready-made templates, and hundreds of pre-built connectors available to automate your repetitive, mundane tasks with ease.

Power automate flow

Our ready-to-use templates: Your shortcut to efficiency

Out-of-office message

Don't leave your customers hanging! Always have a response ready for whenever they send in a message. This template hooks into your Outlook out-of-office message, so you don't have to keep repeating yourself.

Custom archiving

Automatically capture and store your organization's inbound and outbound texts in a Microsoft Dataverse table to ensure regulatory compliance. Streamline record-keeping with precision and ease.

Auto-message a group

Free yourself from manual, repetitive tasks. This template enables you to send messages to a group of SharePoint contacts automatically, streamlining your communication process.

Sentiment analysis

Just how happy are your customers? Find out by running a sentiment analysis on your inbound texts and pushing the results to a Microsoft Dataverse table. Detect positive, negative, and mixed sentiments in text messages with precision.

Automatic follow-ups

Ensure no one in your team forgets a meeting again. Automated follow-up messages provide timely reminders to keep everyone on track.

Upcoming templates

We're always looking for more ideas to help our customers. If there's a template you'd like to see, let us know at

Powered by AI

AI-powered SMS automation

Supercharge your automated SMS flows with intelligence. Let Microsoft Power Automate AI Builder and YakChat optimize your SMS processes with AI for critical insights from your data.

Want to know more?

Power Automate: What's it all about?

Power Automate makes it easy for everyone to use automated processes. It helps us handle difficult, repeated tasks in our various apps. This means we can work less but get more done.

How to get started with Power Automate

Dive into Power Automate with ease. Make sure you meet the essential requirements we'll outline, and you'll be creating flows using the YakChat Connector in no time.

YakChat Power Automate Connector

Power Automate comes with a ton of ready-made connectors to make automating business processes easy. These comprise not only the Microsoft application stack (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, etc.) but also third-party solutions, including YakChat.

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