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Stay connected with effortless, compliant communication on-the-go using Text365. Watch client engagement soar and teamwork flourish.

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Chat and Messaging App

YakChat's native mobile app for iOS and Android

Text365: The ultimate mobile SMS app alternative

Text365 is a powerful alternative to your default iOS or Android messaging app. It not only lets you send and receive texts on the go, but also securely saves every message for easy record-keeping and compliance.

Designed to feel just like your usual SMS app, Text365 comes with added benefits: Separate notifications to prevent overwhelm, access to the contacts in your phone, Outlook, Sharepoint, and in your company directories, and support for both shared and personal inboxes to enhance collaboration and privacy.

YakChat for iOS and Android

Flexible inbox options

Tailor your SMS experience: Personal and shared inboxes

Private chats or team messaging? With YakChat, you have the best of both worlds.

Choose a Personal Inbox with a dedicated number for private, 1-on-1 chats and a Shared Inbox with a shared number for seamless team communication.

Personal SMS inbox

Leverage the exceptional 98% open rate of SMS to connect with people faster and close deals with minimal effort.

Shared SMS inbox

Leverage the exceptional 98% open rate of SMS to connect with people faster and close deals with minimal effort.

Multiple SMS inboxes

Leverage the exceptional 98% open rate of SMS to connect with people faster and close deals with minimal effort.

Microsoft contacts

Connect with all your Microsoft 365 contacts

Search and text your contacts saved in Microsoft Outlook, your company's Active Directory, or a SharePoint contact list.

A direct, Microsoft-secured connection to your contacts ensures real-time availability as soon as a new contact is added. There's no need for synchronization, and your contact data remains securely and exclusively within your Microsoft tenant environment.

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SMS/MMS Archive

Capture and Store every SMS with Text365

As regulations tighten, organizations can struggle to record every customer communication. While centralized emails and phone calls are easy to manage, capturing and storing decentralized SMS messages from individual devices is a real challenge.

Text365 tackles this challenge head-on by systematically capturing and storing text messages and images within your company's centralized archiving system. By archiving SMS in real time, Text365 ensures your organization comprehensively captures every communication, ensuring total compliance and peace of mind.

Flexible mobile messaging

YakChat goes where you go: Available in Text365, Microsoft Teams, and Webex mobile apps

Enjoy the convenience of using YakChat on-the-go in Text365, Microsoft Teams, or Webex mobile apps. Seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile, picking up conversations right where you left off. Text from your personal device using separate work numbers, ensuring secure and traceable communications that keep your work and personal life distinctly separate. Plus, rest easy knowing that every message you send and receive is securely archived for compliance.

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Why Text365?

Making the choice: Text365 vs Microsoft Teams or Webex Mobile

Considering Text365? Here are 3 key reasons to choose Text365, whether as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, Microsoft Teams, Webex mobile apps, or YakChat SMS on mobile web browsers.

1. Access phone contacts

Accessing your contacts couldn't be easier. Whether they're stored on your phone, in YakChat, Outlook, or your company directory, you have easy access to them all.

2. SMS message notifications

It's easy to control your SMS notifications independently. That way, you can silence other alerts but keep your SMS notifications front and center, making them impossible to miss.

3. No collaboration app license

Enjoy Text365 on your mobile device, without the requirement for specialized collaboration app licenses like Microsoft 365 or Webex.

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For all your numbers...

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft and Operator Connect numbers

Existing number icon


Existing PBX, landline, SIP, and VoIP numbers 

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Service providers

Integrate your own SMS & CPaaS service provider 

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YakChat number

Grab a new text-only number in your local area code

Features of YakChat that supercharge SMS messaging

Compliant mobile text messaging

YakChat's SMS auto-archive is a game-changer for anyone seeking effortless compliance.

Contact Manager

Text contacts from your Outlook, Entra ID (AD), SharePoint, or imported lists. Centrally manage conversations without external data sync or storage worries.

Select your contact book

Flexible Inbox Options

Private chats or team messaging? Use a Personal Inbox with a dedicated number for your private, 1-on-1 chats, and a Shared Inbox with a shared number for teams to manage SMS from a unified number

Example of inbox selection in YakChat

Group Chat

For truly collaborative conversations, text multiple people simultaneously and have responses shared instantly with the group.

Add multiple contacts to your messages

Multimedia Messaging

Infuse your chats with multiple visuals, photos, and a variety of attachments, including PDFs. Break free from text-only messaging and embrace the power of multimedia.

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Messaging Archive

Archive your SMS messages easily to guarantee regulatory compliance and safeguard those crucial conversations.

Archive your messages

YakChat Number

Need a phone number in your area code or country? No problem. Text from your desktop or mobile and keep your personal number private.

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Bring Your Own Number

Use your Microsoft, landline, or VoIP number for both calls and SMS. That way your contacts always know who's texting and they can reply as they prefer.

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Admin portal

Manage your account with ease

One portal, total control

Your go-to centralized hub for effortless account management. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily add users, manage inboxes, assign numbers, tweak settings, and more.

Product image of YakChat admin portal dashboard with company user information

Ultimate control

Experience effortless control over your account, enhancing communication, collaboration, and compliance.

Control options for company admins

User-friendly interface

An intuitive interface ensures quick and easy self-management of your account

Easy to use admin portal interface

Rapid user import

Instantly onboard up to 1,000 users with a single .csv file upload.

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