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YakChat: At the vanguard of innovation

A key player in the communications industry, YakChat is dedicated to transforming the way businesses worldwide interact and connect.

Our mission is clear: To make business messaging as easy (if not easier) and as auditable as sending an email or making a call.

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Navigating communication hurdles

YakChat's Evolution

Recognizing the transformative power of text messaging for business, we began our journey by asking 3 key questions:

1. Why can't businesses text from every collaboration platform?

2. Why can't they text from any device, using just one number?

3. Why can't SMS be as auditable as email or phone calls?

YakChat was born to supply the answers!

Bridging digital divides

YakChat improves digital communication for businesses worldwide. We were the first to integrate SMS with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, putting us at the top of innovation. Today, YakChat leads the industry with its advanced SMS solution that integrates smoothly with many platforms.

We focus on simplicity and ease of use, turning complex messaging into easy, user-friendly experiences. No matter where you are or what digital workspace you use, YakChat makes text messaging just a click away. We’ve also made text conversations easy to audit, helping you stay compliant.
Committed to excellence and meeting our customers' changing needs, YakChat is not just changing digital communication—we're shaping the future of connectivity.

Advancing communication with RBM

As the industry shifts from traditional SMS to Rich Business Messaging (RBM), YakChat is also at the frontline of this communication revolution. Our role is pivotal: to make RBM integration seamless, ensuring businesses of all sizes can access innovative, compliant, and cost-effective messaging solutions. And make no mistake: these tools are not merely about keeping pace with technology; they’re essential for deepening business connections and steering ventures towards unparalleled success.

Our vision

Going forward, YakChat is dedicated to not just expanding but also transforming our messaging solutions across diverse platforms. As RBM develops, our core focus remains: to meet our customers' changing needs and position them at the fore-front of communication technology.

But our vision extends beyond simply providing Software as a Service. We aspire to be the catalyst that empowers businesses to unlock the transformative potential of RBM, enabling them to achieve unparalleled success in an increasingly globalized world.

Why SMS?

SMS is the most successful communication channel around. Offering instant global connectivity, it makes your business irresistible to customers, clients, and co-workers alike.

Everyone loves it


read rate. Compare that to 17% for email.


of consumers want to talk to businesses by SMS.


response rate. Compare that to 8% for email.

SMS drives business success


of the global population can text, offering businesses the potential to connect with millions daily.


of consumers state that service-based messaging positively impacts their choice of one company over another.

Text from everywhere

YakChat empowers you to text from the comfort of your UC platform, browser, or mobile device, regardless of your location or where you are in your digital workspace.

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