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Collaborate with more people more quickly with advanced SMS in Webex

Empower Webex with advanced SMS features. Watch client engagement soar, teamwork flourish, and enjoy the convenience of compliant, centralized communication.

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Chat and Messaging App

Simple to deploy, easy to use

Give Webex text messaging superpowers

YakChat extends Webex direct messaging with advanced SMS/MMS capabilities, unleashing untapped communication potential with its cutting-edge solution.

Text all your contacts seamlessly from a single, unified platform. Boost collaboration with group chats, using both personal and shared numbers, and enrich your chats with effortless image sharing.

Packed with unrivalled features, YakChat offers real-time translation, message archiving, and more, transforming Webex into your ultimate messaging hub.

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Download YakChat from the Webex store

Seamless SMS/MMS integration to your Webex environment

Webex showing SMS alerts

SMS alerts

Receive SMS as a Webex direct message. Get real-time notifications on both your desktop and mobile devices, and stay ultra-connected and super-responsive.

SMS direct from Webex chat

SMS Chat

Use Webex direct messaging to reply to SMS chats, initiate new ones, and actively participate in group discussions. Texting external contacts via SMS is also as easy as chatting with coworkers on Webex.

Open in a Webex embedded app

Embedded Messaging App

Tap into the power of the YakChat messaging app right from your Webex sidebar. This gives you the ability to manage your ongoing SMS chats and explore the advanced SMS features YakChat offers.

Navigating between personal and shared inboxes

Flexible inboxes: shared and personal options

Private chats or team messaging? With YakChat, you have the best of both worlds.Opt for a Personal Inbox with a dedicated number for private, 1-on-1 chats, or a Shared Inbox with a shared number so everyone on your team can manage and respond to texts from one unified number

SMS anywhere, anytime

Text from your Webex desktop or mobile device

Need to reach out to a customer from the office or follow up with them while mobile? With YakChat, you can text conveniently from your desktop or Webex mobile app. Whether you're texting 1-on-1, managing group chats, archiving chats for compliance, or distributing MFA codes, YakChat streamlines your communication and makes app-switching a thing of the past.
Webex on mobile and desktop

Never miss a message again

Real-Time Alerts and Replies

Whether you’re knee-deep in Webex, immersed in other apps, or out-and-about with your mobile device, YakChat alerts you instantly to every incoming message, keeping you in the loop and ready to respond in real-time.

Webex desktop popup

Desktop popup

Part of a remote or on-the-go team? Get instant new message pop-up alerts in Webex on your desktop or mobile. Simply click to open and respond.

Webex private chat alert

Private chat

Looking for message privacy? Receive new-message alerts as a Webex direct message and reply instantly in the same, easy way you chat with coworkers.

Webex shared space alert

Webex shared space

Need your entire team to receive new message alerts or OTP/2FA codes? They can be instantly notified of incoming messages within a Webex shared space, so anyone can reply.

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For all your numbers...

Existing number icon


Existing PBX, landline, SIP, and VoIP numbers 

All SMS Providers icon

Service providers

Integrate your own SMS & CPaaS service provider 

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YakChat number

Grab a new text-only number in your local area code

surpassing TEXTpectation with every feature!

Contact Manager

Text contacts from your Outlook, company directory, SharePoint, or imported lists. Centrally manage conversations without external data sync or storage worries.

Select your contact book


Don’t leave Webex simply to handle SMS. YakChat converts every incoming text into a Webex Direct Message, so you can connect and respond with ease.

Bot message example

Flexible Inbox Options

Private chats or team messaging? Use a Personal Inbox with a dedicated number for your private, 1-on-1 chats, and a Shared Inbox with a shared number for teams to manage SMS from a unified number.

Example of inbox selection in YakChat

Group Chat

For truly collaborative conversations, text multiple people simultaneously and have responses shared instantly with the group.

Add multiple contacts to your messages

Microsoft Secure Access

Accessing YakChat is easy and secure with Microsoft Teams SSO and Entra ID. No more memorizing multiple credentials or reusing passwords: One click, and you're in.

Sign in with Microsoft

Multimedia Messaging

Infuse your chats with multiple visuals, photos, and a variety of attachments, including PDFs. Break free from text-only messaging and embrace the power of multimedia.

Image of MMS message with image attachments

Text Translation

Message your contacts in their native language and have their replies translated into yours. With our translation capabilities spanning an impressive 100+ languages, the world is truly at your fingertips!

Translate text messages

Virtual Number

Need a virtual number in your area code or country? No problem. Text from your desktop or mobile and keep your personal number private.

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Bring Your Own Number

Use your own business number for both calls and SMS. That way your contacts always know who's texting and they can reply as they prefer.

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Messaging Archive

Archive your SMS messages easily to guarantee regulatory compliance and safeguard those crucial conversations.

Archive your messages
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Admin portal

Manage your account with ease

One portal, total control

Your go-to centralized hub for effortless account management. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily add users, manage inboxes, assign numbers, tweak settings, and more.

Product image of YakChat admin portal dashboard with company user information

Ultimate control

Experience effortless control over your account, enhancing communication, collaboration, and compliance.

Control options for company admins

User-friendly interface

An intuitive interface ensures quick and easy self-management of your account

Easy to use admin portal interface

Rapid user import

Instantly onboard up to 1,000 users with a single .csv file upload.

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