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High-impact, hassle-free messaging for your phone service, using your current SMS provider

Bring Your Own SMS Provider for ultimate control and savings

By bringing the latest SMS innovations to leading phone service providers, YakChat is able to offer a unique Bring Your Own SMS Provider (BYOP) option. As a result, any number you add to YakChat can support both voice and SMS, centralizing your communication services for greater efficiency.

With YakChat's BYOP, you can gain access to essential communication tools with unmatched flexibility, cost-efficiency, and control.
Bring Your Own SMS Provider
Bring Your Own SMS Provider

Out-of-the-box SMS integration for Microsoft Teams and Webex

YakChat can integrate your SMS service with Microsoft Teams and Webex in just minutes.

Linking SMS capabilities directly to your Direct Routing numbers means you can manage texts and voice calls on the same number.

That way, you maintain full control over your numbers and telephony charges while also simplifying and streamlining your communications.

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