Team up with YakChat: The leading Microsoft Teams SMS provider

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Extend the collaboration might of Microsoft Teams with interactive SMS

YakChat is the leading provider of SMS for Microsoft Teams. Indeed, it's the world's only fully integrated, fully functional SMS application for Microsoft Teams. A powerful Microsoft 365 add-in for desktop and mobile, YakChat extends the collaboration might of MS Teams with industry-leading SMS.

Partner with YakChat, and you can expand your Microsoft Teams offer with ground-breaking SMS functionality. And that will represent a tangible game-changer—for you and for your clients.

You'll not only be able to deliver a communication platform with a feature that users want, but you'll also be able to offer a unique service that your rivals just don’t have.

Better yet, you can fully brand the application and present it as your own.

Enhance your SMS offer with scalable, centralized messaging

Unlike other SMS solutions currently on the market, YakChat is not simply an unsophisticated SMS Bot added to MS Teams.

It’s a scalable, centralized messaging service that sits inside Microsoft Teams and utilizes the latest Microsoft Azure Service Fabric technology.

Microsoft Teams SMS via Direct Routing

Ultra-convenient, ultra-reliable user experience

End users can send and receive texts to-and-from their customers and off-line staff from anywhere inside MS Teams. Using their desktop or mobile device, they can text individuals or multiple contacts in Outlook, Active Directory, SharePoint, or their contacts stored in YakChat.

It's easy for users to navigate between conversations and manage all their contacts. And every message is securely stored and archived within Microsoft Azure for legal compliance.

Secure access control

Seamless single sign-on (SSO) via Microsoft 365/Azure Active Directory (including Multifactor Authentication) is fast and convenient. It also assures the highest level of access security. Moreover, it eradicates the need for IT staff to manage user access or for users to remember multiple passwords.

White label access: Present the application as your own

White label access

YakChat is, then, your fast lane to premium-quality, critical SMS for your MS Teams offering.

But consider this:

It is also the only SMS solution for MS Teams that offers white-label access.

That means you can customize the app with your logo and brand colors and present it entirely as your own.

In other words, YakChat stays in the background, powering SMS for your clients while you gather the plaudits.

White labeling is the perfect way to expand your SMS Offer for Microsoft Teams without the expense and time of developing the technology and infrastructure required.

Better still, it means you can hit the market fast.

Integrates with the top SMS gateway providers

SMS offer

YakChat integrates seamlessly with the principal SMS providers in the USA:

Bandwidth                    Inteliquent

Sinch                            Twilio


But if you can't see your provider, no problem. We can integrate with any provider in just hours. What's more, we can do it free-of-charge.

We can connect to your SMS provider by SMPP or by using your SMS provider’s API.

Final words

For more information about YakChat's exciting Partner Program, check out our Partner Page. You can also drop us a line at or schedule a call with us to find out how best we can help you.