YakChat FAQs for Healthcare Providers

Looking to take advantage of YakChat SMS to reach your patients and staff? But maybe you want to know a little more. In this article, YakChat FAQs for Healthcare Providers, you can find answers your most pressing questions.

Firstly, lets take a look at what applications YakChat works with. Secondly, we'll examine on what devices you can use Yakchat. Thirdly, and most importantly, we'll discuss how your clients will receive your messages. Moreover, we'll tell you where your texting data is stored. In conclusion, we'll follow up with our contact details so you can ask us for any other information you need.

Q. Does YakChat work with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business?

A. Yes.

YakChat is a unique Microsoft 365 add-in that brings robust, 2-way SMS text capabilities into your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business environments.

Q. Can I send and receive text messages from my desktop and all my mobile devices?

A. Yes.

The YakChat mobile app enables you to send and receive SMS texts from all your IOS and Android mobile devices. The mobile app means you can start conversations on your desktop and keep them going when you’re out and about.

Q. Do my recipients have to install anything onto their phones in order to receive/reply to messages?

A. No.

Your contacts will receive your messages using their regular text message software that's already built into their IOS or Android mobile devices.

That means it's simple and fast to send them appointment reminders, generat information updates, or reschedule appoints with them. Just make sure that the messages you send comply with HIPPA PHI regulations.

Q. Where will my texting data be stored?

A. Microsoft Azure securely stores all texting information which makes it easy for you to access text histories as-and-when you need to.

The text information database is stored in the U.S. by default. We plan to bring online a UK and Canadian service during 2022. For more information, contact the YakChat team.

Q. Is the database encrypted?

A. Yes.

The database is secured and encrypted. It is not, though, encrypted end-to-end. If this is critical for you, please contact us at info@yakchat.com.

Q. Is it possible to send text messages to multiple people or to a list of people?

A. Yes.

If you use Microsoft Teams, you can select any contact from Outlook, Active Directory. Or you can use your own database of contacts which you can build up. It is also possible to import contacts into your personal database.

If you use Skype for Business, you can simply select the Skype contact you want your message to go to.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can add to the database?

A. No.

Q. If I send a message to multiple people, will they see the names and numbers of other recipients?

A. No.

Each recipient will receive your text message as though it is a one-to-one communication. That means they'll never see the names or numbers of the other people who get your message.

Q. Is user access protected?

A. Yes.

YakChat leverages all the latest security, privacy, and compliance features of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft 365/Azure Active Directory provides Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. Crucially, this delivers the highest level of access security.

Microsoft's inbuilt authentication ensures that your corporate security policies are automatically complied with. And it eradicates the need for your IT staff to manage user access. Better still, it eradicates the need for your users to remember their password and enter it repeatedly.

Q. Can I archive my text messages?

A. Yes.

YakChat automatically sends you an email transcript of every text message you send or receive. Transcripts can then be auto-filed in your conversation history folder. Importantly, this ensures that your legal compliance is always met.

Alternatively, YakChat can integrate seamlessly with your existing secure archiving system.


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