Remote Teams & Offline Staff: How to Keep in Contact

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Keeping in touch with your remote teams – and keeping them in touch with you can be a real headache: Phone and email are often unreliable, and when staff are offline, you can’t contact them via your UC platform.

Add to this your need to keep communication compliant, support BYOD, and avoid using personal mobile numbers for work – and the headache gets worse.

So what do you do?

Is it even possible to maintain communication with a distributed workforce, irrespective of location, messaging platform, or device, and at the same time remain compliant and preserve professional communication boundaries?

Well there is a way, and it might just surprise you…

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SMS Text messaging

I know what you’re thinking, ‘text is so yesterday! As a business, I can only text one way, one-on-one, and I have to use my personal phone number to do it, right?’

Wrong. And here’s why:

You can now send and receive texts from your Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business desktop. And you can use a mobile app to keep conversations going on the move.

Thanks to a new central messaging service, each Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business user can have their own virtual SMS number.

This means they can send and receive texts to any mobile device from the convenience of their familiar UC desktop, or from their IOS or Android mobile device – without ever disclosing their private mobile number.

So how does texting from Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams help my business?

Well, communicating with your remote teams and mobile workers suddenly gets a whole lot easier, because now you can:

1.  Keep in 2-way contact with your offline staff in the same way you do with your online employees, using instant messaging.

2.  Alert your entire mobile workforce of changing situations or emergencies by simply highlighting the contacts you want your text to go to and hitting send.

3.  Have always-on communication: Even if the network is congested or there’s no internet service, your texts will still get through, making them indispensable in a crisis.

4.  View text replies effortlessly on your desktop or use the YakChat mobile app to view them on any mobile device when you’re on the move.

5.  Maintain professional communication boundaries easily: Mobile work can now be performed on personal devices (BOYD) with no impact on personal phone plans or data usage.

It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And the really good news? It is!

Ready to find out more?

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