Multi-Factor Authentication using your trusted Microsoft Teams Channel or Webex Space

Receive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) codes in your trusted Microsoft Teams channel inbox or Webex Space. By combining the security of MFA with the convenience of your favorite collaboration platform, your team can enjoy safe, frictionless access to critical pass codes. This way, they can leverage secure enterprise authentication easily from any location and on any device.

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Strike the perfect balance between security and experience

Your team members already ‘live’ in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) or Webex. So doesn't it make sense for them to have secure, seamless access to MFA passcodes from inside your shared MS Teams channel.

Streamline the MFA experience and let every member of your team access business applications securely from anywhere, at anytime, without slowing them down.

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Eliminate Reliance on a Single Device for MFA

What happens when a team member in London needs a passcode that’s submitted to an admin's phone in Seattle: a separation of 8 time zones?

Relying on one member of your team to accept MFA codes on their phone and manually pass these on to their team-mates can cause major login logjams that can lock out team members from corporate accounts at critical times.

Luckily, it’s not a problem when MFA codes are distributed securely to your entire team via an automatic SMS notification in your team’s trusted Microsoft Teams channel inbox or Webex Space. That way, every user can access MFA codes at any time and log into your business systems securely and fast.

Authenticate Across Devices and Across Locations

No matter how dispersed your team is or what device they use, every channel member can access MFA codes as needed. Now they can verify their identity securely and log into your corporate resources quickly.

Multi-Factor Authentication using your Microsoft Teams Channel

Simple, No Fuss Deployment

Implementing MFA for your team using your Webex Space or Microsoft Teams channel delivers security fast in a way your team instinctively understands. They're already familiar with your collaboration platform and comfortable using SMS, so adoption is effortless with no need for additional training.

Multi-Factor Authentication using your Microsoft Teams Channel

Comprehensive Security

The YakChat service employs the security and protection of Microsoft Azure.  In other words, you can rest assured that your secure MFA codes will always stay secure. And because the codes are sent only to your private Teams Channel or Webex Space, no one outside of your team will be able to access them.

Fast Implementation

MFA via Microsoft Teams or Webex is a service delivered securely from the Cloud. That means it can be deployed rapidly with no requirement for expensive or time-consuming IT infrastructure changes.

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YakChat enables Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through Microsoft Teams or Webex to give you and your team a seamless and efficient way of enhancing security without compromising convenience. By integrating MFA with platforms your team is already familiar with, you ensure that secure access to critical systems is both immediate and reliable, irrespective of location or device. This approach not only simplifies the authentication process but also removes barriers to compliance, making it easier for team members to adhere to security protocols with minimal disruption. The combination of robust security measures, facilitated by Microsoft Azure, and the ease of receiving MFA codes directly within trusted collaboration channels, represents a smart move towards fortifying your organization's defenses while maintaining a high level of operational efficiency. As cyber threats evolve, so should our strategies to mitigate them, and adopting an integrated MFA system via Microsoft Teams or Webex is a forward-thinking step in that direction.

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