How to Receive
MFA Codes
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YakChat makes it super-easy for every member of your private Microsoft Teams channel to get vital MFA codes so they can access your business applications safely from anywhere, at any time - on any device.

Send Multi-Factor Authentication MFA Codes to Microsoft Teams Channel

How to receive MFA codes in Microsoft Teams

How to Receive MFA Codes in a Microsoft Teams Channel

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is critical to keep our business systems secure. 

MFA generally requires a temporary authorization code to be sent to a user’s mobile phone, often by SMS. But when we work within a distributed team, how do we ensure that MFA works for us? If our teammates are dispersed geographically, each with their own cell phone, whose phone should the one-time passcode go to? And crucially, how do the rest of us get that code so we can log in securely without delay? 

The answer’s simple: Multi-Factor Authentication via Microsoft Teams.

YakChat for Microsoft Teams

YakChat for Microsoft Teams means you can use your Microsoft Teams platform to make Multi-Factor Authentication faster and more secure for your distributed support teams

YakChat’s bot can be downloaded and added to your private team channels (or groups) within Microsoft Teams. The bot has a dedicated SMS number to receive MFA passcodes from any application. It then shares these securely with your teammates via your private team channel. So regardless of where your teammates are or on what device they’re working, they can all access the passcode swiftly, verify their identity, and log in securely to your corporate resources. And importantly, no one outside of your private team will be able to see or access the codes.

No More Login Logjams

Whether your dispersed team is in Support, Marketing, or Sales, YakChat eliminates those frustrating login logjams. By enabling MFA through MS Teams, YakChat removes the need for any one person in your team to be responsible for receiving passcodes and for manually passing these on to their teammates. This creates a simpler, more streamlined MFA experience for every member of your private MS Teams channel. It also makes it effortless for them to safely access your business applications from anywhere, at any time – and from any device.

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