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Bring the power of AI to your organization with YakChat and Microsoft AI Builder. Add intelligence to your automated SMS processes effortlessly, and interact with your data as never before. Here’s how.

Microsoft Power Automate AI Graphic

What is AI Builder?

AI Builder is Microsoft’s new tool for their low-code Power Platform. Essentially, it’s out-of-the-box AI that lets you apply Artificial intelligence effortlessly to your Power Apps and Flows in Power Automate.

AI Builder provides AI models that optimize business processes. That means all you have to do is to select the AI model that meets your business needs. And if you want to customize that model, you can. Then sit back and benefit from the cutting-edge data analysis that AI Builder provides and glean insights from your data for optimized decision-making. 

And the best bit? 

AI Builder does not require users to have any coding knowledge or data science skills.

What’s more, if you use AI Builder with the new YakChat Power Automate Connector, you can feed data automatically into your AI models to add intelligence to the texts you send and receive within YakChat.

AI Builder and YakChat: What Do They Offer?

With the YakChat Power Automate Connector, you can create workflows that automatically carry out SMS tasks. AI Builder can then analyze your inbound and outbound SMS messages and extract valuable data from them.

And there’s simply no limit to the tasks you can accomplish. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite examples to whet your appetite:

Sentiment Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if you could unlock real-time insights about the SMS conversations you have with your customers? And convert any positive or negative emotion in those texts into meaningful business actions? 

Well, now you can with our Sentiment Analysis template.

Incorporating AI Builder’s pre-built sentiment analysis model, the template can auto-detect positive, neutral, or negative opinions within SMS messages. That means you can rapidly identify process or product issues and improve areas that cause customer dissatisfaction. And you can more easily monitor the success of your team.

Text Classification

Text Classification uses AI to auto-classify your inbound texts more, more cost-effectively, and more accurately.

Prioritizing texts as Urgent, High, Medium, or Low lets you set up emergency notifications the instant a critical SMS arrives. And that means you can respond more rapidly in times of crisis.

Entity Extraction

Inputting customer data into your CRM system can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, Entity Extraction can remove this repetitive task from your To-Do list and streamline your internal operations in the process.

This AI model can auto-analyze your inbound texts and  extract information from them based on any category you specify. 

For instance, suppose your customer wants to make an order by text and they’ve indicated the item they want in their message. Entity Extraction will detect the item in their message, extract it, and then automatically store it in your data table or CRM system.

More Information

Want more information on how AI Builder works, and how to implement it? Check out the Microsoft pages below:

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