Craft the Perfect SMS Text and Inspire Action: 6 Tips & Tricks

SMS text is powerful – so long as your messages are done right. Read on for 6 tips on how to craft the perfect SMS text that compels action from your audience.

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finger pointing to SMS text bubbles

SMS text is powerful – so long as your messages are done right. Read on for 6 tips on how to craft the perfect  SMS text that compels action from your audience.

6 tips and tricks to craft the Perfect SMS Text

I continue to be amazed at the staggeringly positive stats that continually surround SMS text? You know the ones I mean:

  • 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes
  • 98% read rate
  • 90% of mobile phone users globally say they want to talk to businesses using text.

….and so they keep going.

I think we can agree that text messaging is genuinely one of the best ways to connect with customers and market in real time.

But what if your text campaigns aren’t getting the interaction you hoped for?

And you just can’t figure out why?

Well, the answer could be to do with the way your texts are crafted.

But the good news is that there are some simple tips and tricks below that you can put into action which will get your messages noticed.

So whether you’re creating a reminder or marketing message, or sending information or alerts, try including these ideas into your texts. Then hit the send button. Soon you’ll be connecting with your audience more successfully and seriously boosting your response rates.

Craft the perfect SMS text identification
1.  Identify yourself clearly from the start

State who you are upfront. This immediately helps the recipient understand the context of your message and makes them much more likely to engage with its content.

2.  Keep it short, keep it simple, keep it clear!

People don’t tend to like long messages – so brevity is everything.

Don’t get lost in the detail. Get to the point quickly – right after identifying yourself, and use simple, concise language.

This is not the time for overused, fluffy buzzwords. Instead, say what you mean and say it clearly.

Don’t make your customers hunt for answers or leave them asking questions. If you do, they may get frustrated or report you as spam.

Craft the perfect SMS text keep things simple
Craft the perfect SMS text timing
3.  Target the right people at the right time

Studies show that mobile phones are used most between noon and 6pm – Monday thru Friday. So send your texts during mid to late afternoon on a weekday to boost your interactions.

But remember – not all customers are created equal. The key is to really know and understand your audience: sending texts to night workers in the afternoon when they’re trying to sleep will not endear them to you.

4.  Add value and speak their language

Whatever your message, make it relevant. Add value to the consumer’s experience with your brand. Providing useful information, along with discounts, promotions and sneak-peaks will always be crowd-pleasers. But always be sure to speak your audience’s language.

5.  Include a call-to-action.

What should the recipient do after reading your text? Do they need to contact you? If so, tell them how. What should they do with the information you’ve provided? Let them know. Are you offering an awesome deal? Make sure you provide a link, or clear instructions on how to take advantage of your offer.

6.  Make opt-out options clear

Always make the process of opting out of future messages clear and simple.

e.g. Text STOP to cancel.

When people know that they can opt-out easily, they’ll tend to view you and your messages as trustworthy and feel more inclined to opt-in from the start.

Have you got any tips for crafting the perfect SMS text? I’d love to hear them.

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