Is Your Webex Direct Routing Offering Missing SMS/MMS?

SMS/MMS for Cisco Webex: As a leading Direct Routing Provider, your commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into Cisco Webex demonstrates dedication. Specifically, dedication to offering unparalleled flexibility, cost savings, and customization options to your clients.

But what if there's a critical missing component in your offering? SMS! Webex's native SMS functionality is, shall we say, basic. It lacks the robust features that organizations require in today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape. Consequently, they'll expect your Direct Routing solution to include fully integrated, fully featured SMS capabilities tailored for their Webex platform.

That’s where YakChat comes in.

SMS/MMS for Webex

Closing the Webex SMS/MMS Communication Gap

YakChat is the solution that bridges this communication gap, elevating your existing Webex offering with robust SMS/MMS functionality.

And this represents a tangible game-changer for both you and your clients.

Unmatched SMS/MMS Solution for Cisco Webex

YakChat isn’t just another run-of-the-mill text messaging solution. It’s a service that transcends Webex’s own SMS capabilities.  While Webex offers only a basic SMS service, YakChat leads with a more comprehensive suite of features and tools. This includes:

  • Multimedia Messaging

  • Comprehensive contact management

  • Shared inboxes

  • Text Archiving

  • Group texting

  • Message broadcasting

  • Text translation

  • iOS/Android mobile app

Moreover, Webex's SMS service is confined to users in the United States and Canada. YakChat, on the other hand, extends beyond these geographical limits, so you can service clients right across the globe.

Even better? Being a YakChat partner empowers you to deliver a holistic and truly unique SMS service for Webex. One that your rivals simply don't have.

How to add SMS/MMS capability to your Webex Direct Routing service;

Bring Your Own SMS Provider (BYOP)

If you already use an SMS provider you trust, why not keep them?

YakChat integrates with your existing SMS service provider. This way your clients benefit from a single telephony provider, a consolidated bill, and one number for texting and calling. And you get to retain all the advantages and benefits you currently enjoy with your chosen provider.

And because YakChat can integrate with any provider within hours, you can hit the market fast. But importantly, this service comes at no additional cost to you.

Add SMS to Webex and Erase Communication Boundaries

The benefits of integrating YakChat’s pivotal solution into your direct routing offering extend beyond your company. They profoundly impact your clients. They'll be able to tap into the power of real-time text and multimedia messaging right within their familiar Webex environment. And they’ll enjoy a wide array of messaging features and functionality that are unparalleled by any other solution.

For your Webex clients, this obliterates communication boundaries. From the convenience of their Webex interface, they can transition from text-chat to video call, and vice versa. So no more juggling multiple platforms! And with instant message notifications, your clients are guaranteed never miss a chat.

Beyond integration: Forging a Truly Unified Communication Experience

In an era where effective communication is the cornerstone of success, the partnership between YakChat's SMS/MMS solution for Webex and your Direct Routing expertise heralds a new era of connectivity. With YakChat's unique features, versatile white-labeling possibilities, and swift, effortless integration, you’re ready to provide an unequivocally comprehensive and unparalleled Webex messaging solution.

Beyond the confines of conventional integration, this collaboration forges a realm where genuinely unified communication transforms from mere aspiration into tangible reality.

Webex Direct Routing SMS/MMS

About YakChat

YakChat integrates SMS/MMS capabilities into Cisco Webex, Microsoft 365, and web browsers, enabling businesses to text directly from their chosen Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) platform or browser. Featuring unparalleled capabilities, YakChat ensures team security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and streamlines SMS workflows throughout your organization. By expanding the communication and collaboration capabilities of UC&C platforms and browsers, YakChat offers unmatched value and convenience to users.