Microsoft Teams SMS:
The Surprising New Hero for Our New Normal

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, two popular technologies have merged to become a crisis communication Superhero: Microsoft Teams with SMS.

Microsoft Teams with SMS

Microsoft Teams SMS

Does the future seem a little hazy right now? Well, one thing’s for certain: The COVID crisis has radically impacted the way businesses and consumers interact. Whether we’re in retail, manufacturing, or medical practice – strict social distancing measures and work-from-home mandates have forced abrupt changes to our work habits: Most notably, we’ve had to seek innovative ways to connect with our clients and co-workers.

We now rely, as never before, on digital tools that enable us to collaborate, create and connect – at a distance. A case in point: The recent spectacular spike in Microsoft Teams usage. Offering unparalleled collaboration features, Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) has proved a vital resource for both private and public organizations, struggling to keep trading in these unprecedented times.

But it seems there’s another communication hero that has also come to the fore. And one we’re all familiar with: SMS text messaging.

SMS Drives Results Like No Other Channel

One of the most unexpected shifts in company and consumer behavior during the pandemic, has been an increased reliance on SMS communication. Yet maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.  

Often dismissed as old technology, SMS still achieves results that other channel users can only dream of: With a 90% open rate, 98% read rate, 95% retention rate, and 90 second response rate, there is no other channel better able to get messages out to everyone fast in a crisis: And to do it so reliably. 

And that’s just for starters.

SMS is the Key Enabler of Touchless Customer Experiences

In this pandemic-era, SMS is proving to be a key enabler of touchless customer experiences, such as curbside pickups or carpark waiting rooms.

Quite simply, texting cuts through noise. it’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s personal. And since almost everyone’s mobile phone can send and receive texts, people are comfortable texting and enjoy it’s convenience.

But in the wake of COVID, we’ve recognized the need to speed up and simply our communications. But we can only do this successfully by reducing the number of applications we use to communicate with.

Which is why, even before COVID-19 came upon us, users of MS Teams demanded the ability to text directly from their UC&C platform.

And now they can!

Microsoft Teams SMS: The Superhero!

YakChat has harnessed the power of SMS with MS Teams – and created a superhero! And it’s helping organizations large and small to communicate faster and more conveniently, while navigating the new social-distancing norms. 

Businesses can text their clients, co-workers, and partners from their Microsoft platform, using just one number. Plus they can manage all their contacts and conversations in just one place.

Use MS Teams SMS to Survive and Thrive

So if you use Microsoft Teams and want to benefit from the positive impact of SMS, why not take inspiration from our article 10 Ways Organizations Use Microsoft Teams SMS to Survive and Thrive

This reveals just some of the ways that organizations currently use Microsoft Teams with SMS to keep trading and to thrive in these unparalleled times.

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