SMS: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Communications Arsenal

SMS is a powerful communication tool as our SMS infographic shows. In fact, it's one of the most powerful tools available in the communications arsenal today. Texting may have been around for a long time, but its longevity is a good measure of its inherent value. And technological advances such as RCS are driving its evolution into an even more engaging, responsive, and immersive tool.

Texting has the potential to reach millions of people on a daily basis. It’s fast, efficient, and it doesn’t need a specific app or data coverage to send and receive. SMS is also a channel that's readily available on every smartphone. And there are a lot of smartphone users out there: over 6 billion globally at the last count. That means most people are familiar with texting. They know how to use it, and, significantly, prefer texting to connect with others - including business.

But while SMS is the most direct way to communicate with people, it's also the least intrusive. And that makes it as convenient for you to connect with your customers as it is for them to engage with you. .

Text messaging’s impressive results represent a genuine opportunity for your organization. Whether your business is big or small, SMS text messaging lets you engage more successfully with your audiences and achieve greater rewards. But most importantly, it doesn’t come with the expense that tends to shackle other channels.

The stats behind the power

If you’re one of the business leaders who’s still not convinced by the power of text messaging, keep scrolling. Our infographic reveals the stats behind the power and shows why all organizations should now have 2-way SMS enabled.

Infographic SMS for Microsoft Teams