Why SMS?
Because There’s Simply Nothing Better

SMS is powerful. It means you can connect with anyone - anywhere - instantly. And if you can do that, your business will be irresistible to your customers, clients, and co-workers alike.

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SMS benefits for business

SMS Open Rates 98%

Forward-thinking organizations know that making their businesses mobile-friendly is an imperative. And here’s why.

Mobile connectivity globally is forecast to rise to a whopping 6 billion by 2023. Yet even now we send a staggering 23 billion SMS messages per day. That’s 16 million text messages per minute!

And the phenomenal statistics don’t stop there.

SMS Open Rates 98%

While email open rates can be good at 21%, SMS open rates currently stand at a massive 98%.*  And the majority of texts are opened in under 3 minutes. ‘No other marketing tool can offer a similar rate,’ says Aine Doherty from Business2Community. And that makes SMS ‘one of the most effective ways to get your message to your customer’.

Since most people send and receive text messages on a daily basis, it’s a fair bet your customers and clients are no exception. They’ll have access to SMS, know how to use it, and what’s more – enjoy doing so. In fact, according to eWeek and the Harris Pol, text messaging is the channel of choice for many consumers and their preferred method of customer service.

But while SMS is a channel that customers are happy to use, does it offer a compelling opportunity for businesses? The answer is a resounding Yes!

Mobile Marketing Watch.

Highly Powerful Yet Simple to Use

Highly powerful, yet simple to use, SMS messaging reduces contact costs, improves right party contact rates, agent efficiency and improves collections performance; More importantly, it has incredible reach, connecting you with customers, clients, and co-workers wherever they happen to be.

And in light of the current pandemic, that, surely, is a priority.

But the best business communication is always a two-way process. So when businesses embrace 2-way messaging, the rewards are even greater.

The Best Communication Always Goes Two Ways

2-Way SMS turns one-way customer contact into a much more rewarding – and enduring – two-way relationship. With the right technology, organizations can send and receive text messages in real-time, and start a chat session when more than a simple response is needed.

SMS for Microsoft Teams

And now 2-Way SMS can be integrated to your Microsoft Teams environment. 

Thanks to YakChat, it’s even easier for your organization to get critical messages out to your contacts in real-time and respond to their messages fast from the comfort of your UC platform. 

Speed Matters

And speed matters. According to new research, customers expect a reply within 60 minutes. Yet the average response time from businesses is still around 5 hours! The research also found that speed of response is the most important factor in customer satisfaction: More important, in fact, than accuracy, friendliness or truthfulness.

Which is why 2-Way SMS is so powerful: it lets you connect and respond to anyone – anywhere in the world – instantly. And if you can do that – your company will be simply irresistible to your customers, clients, and co-workers.

Ready to find out more?

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