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We were puzzled by 3 questions:

Why can't we text from Microsoft Teams?

Why can't we text from any device, using just one number?

And why can't SMS be as auditable as email or phone calls?

YakChat® was born to supply the answer!

Our Story

Previously called Chatabox, YakChat was the first solution to enhance Skype for Business with interactive SMS. And now we’re the world-leader of integrated SMS functionality for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365

With over 25 years’ experience in the communications industry, we’re pretty skilled at what we do, and we feel passionate that 2-way SMS should be as easy for your business as picking up the phone. 

Enhancing and extending the communication and collaboration power of Microsoft Teams with interactive SMS, we’re proud to unleash maximum value for you: our customers and partners.


YakChat Logo
YakChat Logo

Why YakChat®?

  • We’re a tech pioneer in the vanguard of 2-way SMS functionality for Microsoft Teams.
  • Our solution is the only native SMS application for Microsoft Teams in the world.
  • We’re expert at what we do, and we’re highly flexible, so you can be too.
  • Our aim is to have a negative carbon footprint. So for every subscription you buy from us, we’ll plant a tree.

So, what's in it for me ?

  • Easy, quick, efficient engagement with your customers and off-line workers, using SMS.
  • The power to text directly and securely from your Microsoft Teams platform.
  • Full confidence that you can meet the ever-growing regulatory requirements for text message archiving.
  • A boost to your bottom line and maximum impact as 98% of SMS text messages are opened within 3 minutes.
SMS for Microsoft Teams

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UK: 44 117 325 4566