YakChat Power Automate Connector

Power Automate comes with a ton of pre-built connectors. These comprise not only the Microsoft application stack (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics, etc.) but also third-party solutions, including YakChat.

So, what is Power Automate?

Power Automate is an easy-to-use cloud-based task-management solution from Microsoft. It lets you connect the apps and processes you use every day to automate the otherwise time-consuming and manual tasks that slow you down.

A major advantage of Power Automate is that it typically requires no coding knowledge from the user. That means we can all create workflows that automate repetitive, routine tasks and processes across our multiple applications and services.

How does Power Automate work?

Power Automate uses triggers and actions to build automated processes with connected applications. A trigger is simply an event that kicks-off a workflow. You can automate numerous tasks with a single trigger, and choose whether the trigger is automatic, scheduled, or instant (i.e., initiated at the tap of a button). Power Automate then works continually in the background to complete the tasks on your behalf.

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Add SMS into your workflows with the YakChat Connector

Power Automate connectors let you link directly with numerous apps within the Microsoft 365 suite and across the web.

YakChat and Power Automate

And now into the Power Automate universe comes SMS messaging with the arrival of the YakChat Power Automate Connector.

The Premium Connector makes it super-easy for you to link to YakChat’s services from Power Automate. That way you can create time-saving workflows that incorporate SMS into the automated processes you run across your organization.

What you can do with Power Automate and YakChat

From simple tasks to super complex enterprise-wide processes, there’s no limit to the SMS processes that you can automate to streamline your workload and make your life easier and more productive.

Here are just some examples of how you could use Power Automate and the YakChat connector.

  • At the click of a button (instant trigger), send a text notification to all emergency contacts from a SharePoint list.

  • On receipt of an email from your boss (auto-trigger), receive an instant text notification.

  • On sending or receiving a text message via YakChat (auto-trigger), automatically save them to Microsoft Dynamics.

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  • As new incidents are assigned to you via a task management app such as PagerDuty (auto-trigger), receive an instant notification via text.

  • When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox (auto-trigger), a text message is sent via YakChat to all the contacts in a SharePoint list.

  • When your organization receives an inbound text (auto-trigger), Power Automate
    creates a new contact/lead in your CRM system, then sends an auto SMS reply via YakChat.

  • On the first working day of every month (scheduled trigger), send a morale-boosting text message via YakChat to your team.

The list could go on and on! But for a real-world example, click on the case study button below.

Getting started with Power Automate and the YakChat Connector

Getting started with Power Automate is simple: you just need an email address and a web browser, and you can sign up here for free.

Then, whenever you want to include SMS in your streamlined processes, head to Power Automate, choose whether you want to build an Instant, Automated, or Scheduled flow, and select the YakChat connector. You can either build your workflow from scratch or choose from the handy, pre-made YakChat templates, which you can personalize later on if you need to.

You’ll then need to set the trigger that will start your workflow. For example, this could be the arrival of an email from a new customer. Next, define what action/s you want Power Automate to take when your trigger event occurs. In this case, you might choose to:

  • Have your contact added automatically to your YakChat SMS contact list.

  • Have your contact added automatically to your CRM system, 

and finally, to:

  • Have an auto SMS reply sent to your new contact.

And that's it. Your flow is ready to go, and it's taken just minutes to set up.

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Want to know more?

Find out more about Power Automate here, or contact us to learn how Power Automate and YakChat can benefit your business.