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10DLC Company/Brand Registration

The Mixed Low Volume use case is included in the standard monthly subscription.  Charges will apply for other use cases.  Please refer to the list of available 10DLC use-cases when completing the Campaign Registration form. 

Campaign vetting includes checking the privacy policy, terms and conditions plus any contact forms that include a telephone number for proof that SMS recipients consent to receiving text messages (opt-in) and have instructions on how to opt-out by replying “STOP”.  If this information is not available on your website, we will need supporting documentation for how recipients provide consent to submit the campaign for approval.    

For information on U.S. campaign compliance requirements, use-case examples, & message structure, see CTIA Messaging Principals and Best Practices.

List of Standard Campaign Use-Cases

The following table contains the list of standard campaign use-cases available within the U.S. A2P-10DLC campaign registration.


 Any authentication, verification, or one-time passcode

Account Notifications

Standard notifications for account holders, relating to and being about an account

Customer Care

All customer care interaction, including but not limited to account management and customer support

Delivery Notifications

Notification about the status of the delivery of a product or service

Fraud Alert Messaging

Notifications regarding potential fraudulent activity on a user’s account

Higher Education


Messaging created on behalf of Colleges or Universities, including School Districts and education institutions. 

Low Volume Mixed

For Brands that have multiple use cases and only need relatively low messaging throughput (less than 2,000 outbound text messages per day per brand). 


Any communication that includes marketing and/or promotional content


Any messaging campaign containing 2 to 5 standard uses cases.

Polling and Voting

The sending of surveys and polling/voting campaigns.

Public Service Announcement

Informational messaging to raise an audience’s awareness about important issues

Security Alert

A notification that the security of a system, either software or hardware, has been compromised in some way and there is an action you need to take.

List of Special Campaign Use-Cases

The following table contains the list of special campaign use-cases available within the U.S. A2P-10DLC campaign registration.


Communications from a registered charity aimed at providing help and raising money for those in need. 501c3 Tax-Exempt Organizations only.


Notification services designed to support public safety/health during natural disasters, armed conflicts, pandemics, and other national or regional emergencies.
! Post-registration approval required for this Use Case

K-12 Education

Campaigns created for messaging platforms that support schools from grades K – 12, and distance learning centers. This is not for Post-Secondary schools.
! Post-registration approval is required for this Use Case

Sole Proprietor

 Limited to entities without a EIN that used for verification.  This campaign is restricted to one campaign per Brand, with a maximum of 2 associated phone numbers and 1,000 messages per day.